Samsung offers free TV Plus broadcasting service on the Internet

Samsung offers free TV Plus broadcasting service on the Internet


People who do not have Samsung devices can now use the broadcast service with advertising support. According to Protocol, launched the tech giant TV Plus – something previously only available on this site brand TVs and mobile devices – for the website small.

It was probably a soft start, as the publication said, as it saw that Samsung had not yet officially announced the web version and had not included any marketing material for the broadcast service. Although there is zero noise around TV Plus’ website expansion, a company spokesman confirmed Protocol Samsung actually introduced the web version of the service in the second quarter.

Samsung relaunched the TV Plus in 2016 and has since switched to free ad support as an existing cable. It is available in 23 countries and provides access to 140 channels in the United States ABC News Live and Deputy. Samsung Electronics SVP Sang Kim explained Protocol announced that the company broadcasts “billions of minutes every month” and is therefore very popular among users. Although so far it has been limited to Samsung customers, and it remains to be seen whether the availability of a web version will add a significant number of new users to the service.

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