‘Black Widow’ earned $ 60 million from Disney + fans over the opening weekend

‘Black Widow’ earned $ 60 million from Disney + fans over the opening weekend


Disney + is reluctant to announce sales of Premier Access films whom Mulan, but now he wants to brag. Whom AV Club reports, There is Disney was found this is a Marvel blockbuster Black Widow earned more than $ 60 million from customers who paid $ 30 each for Premier Access alone. That’s more than a quarter of Disney’s $ 215 million revenue from all sources, including U.S. and international box office sales.

The company also boasted about it Black Widow The opening of the best US box office during the COVID-19 pandemic F9. Given the regularity of cinemas, this was not difficult struggled to attract an audience when they are not engaged in wide locks.

We don’t believe that Disney presents Premier Access figures on a regular basis, especially since the pandemic continues to decline (hopefully) and more people are comfortable going to the theaters. The media giant needed a $ 60 million number to some extent Black WidowThe debut sounds more impressive. We added that this is difficult to compare with data for competitors such as Amazon and Netflix. Premier Access has no equivalent, so the success of original films is largely measured in terms of audience and new subscriptions.

However, this is an important milestone for Disney as well changes direction of flow. It is convenient to register Premier Access numbers after months of silence. Although Premier Access has taken a back seat, it is now an important part of Disney’s film release strategy.

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