Redesigning an iPad mini ‘must go’ for this fall

Redesigning an iPad mini ‘must go’ for this fall


You may not have to wait any longer for one (disputed time) Redesign the iPad mini. Whom 9to5Mac learned, BloombergHistorically true, Mark Gurman claimed in the latest Power On bulletin updated small tablet “You have to go” to start a fall. Although Gourman did not share more information about the design, he previously claimed that Apple would drop the home button and offer slim frames – it could be effectively scaled down iPad Air.

This will be the “biggest redesign” for the iPad mini since first model It came in 2012, Gurman added.

The reporter said that while Apple has no future details, it is preparing a “larger, redesigned” replacement for the 27-inch iMac, which will include the next-generation Apple Silicon.

The iPad mini has seen several external changes since its launch. Even basic iPad more changes have taken place over the same period. In that sense, Apple may not have much choice – learning modern design is more than just reviving sales.

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