TED will present exclusive voice talks at the Clubhouse

TED will present exclusive voice talks at the Clubhouse


It may be a while before you personally TED talks Keep it serious, but you’re about to get an alternative. The Verge notes TED has signed an agreement to offer Clubhouse exclusive voice chats. First, the weekly series Thank you donkey, came out of the platform on July 12 at 11AM East.

The arrangement allows TED to sell ads and sponsorships for negotiations. Clubhouse will not receive a share. It is not clear whether the conversation will be presented as a podcast or other student-appropriate writing, although it would not be surprising if there was a way to listen later.

TED already has a growing podcast business with over 1.65 million episodes downloaded per day.

This is a logical agreement for Clubhouse, where some of the more philosophical conversations resemble TED talks. This is a cunning move to keep the Clubhouse relevant in the face of more serious competition. NFL contract with Clubhouse lost some thunder in the light of the league Twitter Spaces chats. The TED deal takes back some of that ground, even if viewers aren’t entirely involved in American football.

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