Virgin Galactic lotteries allow you to win tickets to space

Virgin Galactic lotteries allow you to win tickets to space


Now it’s Virgin Galactic flew its founder to the edge of space, is ready to give everyday people a chance on a similar journey. Virgin and Omaze a lotteries The “first” trade allows you to win two places in space flight. Although you can sign up for free, donating to Space for Humanity (a charity that makes spaceflight more accessible) will give you more access.

The shooting will end on September 1, and the companies will announce the winner on September 29. If you win, be prepared to take some time off work. You must have the same education as other Virgin Galactic passengers. Although, due to your problem, you will take a tour of Spaceport America.

Yes, this is such a subtle way to take advantage of Virgin’s space flight and create a cure for the company’s space tourism efforts. In the same way, a significant moment for special space flights. The concept of winning space tickets It was unthinkable in the days when NASA and other government agencies were the only organizations to travel into space – now it makes perfect sense.

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