The lower deck brings Season 2 Teaser Easter Eggs

The lower deck brings Season 2 Teaser Easter Eggs


Sergeant Mariner and Junior Lieutenant Bradward "Brad" Boimler Star Trek: Second season at Lower Decks.

Mariner, Boimler and some fnot people.
Screenshot: Paramount +

The best bit Star Trek: Lower Decks‘first season was not definitely references to decades in his love letter of Trek history. Summer continued its rags-to-riches what a strange, wonderful, hopeful world he celebrated Star Way are with the eyes people who love that world o. But as you can see from this part of the sophomore season, the references can be just as good.

We already took a secret look What to expect for USS crews Cerritos– and in Boimler’s case, Captain Will Riker’s USS team Titan– In the second season Lower decks already. But this new short clip, which celebrates a month before the start of the season, is simply nerdy, a concentrated flavor of nerdy Trek references … Before wondering when Boimler and Mariner came together after the fall the first accepted his ascension and appointment for Titan without telling him.

Short, but definitely very sweet and it’s there too so that a lot is going on. It has a classic Starbase design (which, As noted by TrekCore, origin Star Trek: Avant-Garde novels) and even the vehicle in which Mariner and Boimler are hiding – presumably security is behind them – is huge Argo trolley with vibes, infamous sequence Star Trek: Nemesis. White-gold dress uniform Lower decks the uniform of the period is the same reef worn by the Picard crew Resurrection and Nemesis. And then there are the fish people! Whoever wants to be angry is not really a fish nationthey are Antiquities, who appeared New Generation as members of the Federation as section “Manhunt”. Apparently, the spoiler warning, the failed terrorist plot that happened in that episode, and the time they joined Lower decks at least!

There are many references for only 15 seconds (awe didn’t wonder why there were so few figurines in Boimler and Mariner’s cars). Undoubtedly, when there will be, there will be more Star Trek: Lower Decks He will return to his second mission to Paramount + on August 12.

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